Anyone using this website since November 2020 (that must be someone, surely!?) would have noticed that after the page initially loads, when you next click on something an ad loads, replacing the current page.

This was annoying.

But I did it because I was hoping to make some small amount of money from this blog. Things didn't work out that way for one principal reason: this site does not get enough traffic.

I didn't appreciate it when I first thought of monetising the site, but in order to get Google Ads (or indeed virtually any of the better networks) you have to have a certain number of visitors or be in the top however many sites. I get very few visitors, so was inelligible for Google Ads.

This led me to try Propeller Ads as they have no such requirements. However, having had them in place since November, I have made precisely zero money from them. I think this is because, if I understand correctly, they transfer any earned funds every two weeks, so if you've earned less than a penny, you get put back to zero each time.

As the ads were annoying and brought in literally no money, I've now disabled them again. Clearly I'll have to find another way to make money, but if you're a user who's been annoyed at the pop-up ad intrusion, fear not: it won't be returning.