Regular visitors (just me then) will have noticed a change to the design of

The right-hand panel containing the recent posts, search, blurb and links has been moved to the left-hand side, and the main content is now to the right.

I've also changed the title font to Hand Drawn Objects, a free web font I found online, and the main font to the brilliantly named "Aaargh". It just makes the whole place look a little more polished.

To that end, I've also taken the opportunity to learn a bit about responsive web design. That is, making pages fit the device on which they're being viewed. In this case, I've changed the site so that when viewed on a small screen (like a mobile phone) the left panel is reduced and, as with the main panel, appears the whole width of the screen.

I've also improved my own logging-in facility for when I make posts. It turns out I'd been forgetting to actually validate the username entered at login. It's a wonder I haven't been hacked yet.

There's method to my madness. I've been attending university open days for my partner's son, and I've realised that some of my skills are absent or falling by the wayside a little. Among them my web design (css, javascript) and PHP abilities, so I'm using this site as practice for those skills.

Any comments on the look are gratefully received.