Actually I'm annoyed with myself.

And I'm annoyed with the people of Pembrokeshire! We went for a family holiday for a week to Pembrokeshire (beautiful, by the way) and I managed to speak almost no Welsh. The problem was mostly that I encountered virtually no one who spoke Welsh! Or at least no one who advertised the fact if they did.

I say "almost no Welsh" because I listed the items in my shopping basket in Welsh to my step-daughter, and I replied with "Dw i'n siarad tipyn bach Cymraeg, hefyd" when confronted with the reply of "tipyn bach" to my question of "Do you speak Welsh?" to a shopkeeper.

And that was it. I overheard someone at Castell Henllys speaking Welsh, but they'd gone by the time the demonstration I was watching had finished, otherwise I might have asked to practice a little with them (although God knows what I'd have said).

It's a shame, really. An opportunity missed. My Welsh comprehension is now getting beyond the Mynediad (entry) level, but my listening and speaking have had very little practice.

Still, I was at least surrounded by written Welsh: road signs, shop signs, leaflets, and I took the time to watch a little S4C, so all was not lost.