Ah, Milton Jones. King of the Wise Crack, Prince of the Pun.

Milton - ably assisted by his best friend, Anton (Tom Goodman-Hill) - takes on a variety of unusual and unlikely jobs ranging from a gardening expert, to lorry driver, chef and international diplomat. The recurring theme is that Milton is monumentally unsuited to every single job, although somehow things work out for him in the end. For the first series only, his adventures include his sister, Susan (Debbie Chazen).

As with other Milton Jones programmes, this one really serves as a vehicle for Milton's craft with puns and one-liners. That's not to say it's bad, though. There are a lot of jokes that made me laugh out loud and, if anything, the very tenuous storylines actually add re-listening value, as the plots are largely irrelevant and the stories can be enjoyed again.

Some of the jokes fall a little flat, but there are still plenty that work well as well as some running-gags that appear in many episodes. One that springs to mind is that something will crop up that makes Anton reminisce, some sentimental music will play, and Anton will tell an anecdote where something went wrong that caused embarrassment for him and can therefore either not visit a certain place or fulfil a certain role, like addressing the UN General Assembly and opening with "So where have you all come from?". Another, that always makes me laugh, is when Jones uses very small snippets from songs to create conversations involving various singers ("What flavour ice cream do you want, Prince?", "Raspberry beret"; "What's the forecast today, Bill Withers?", "Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day")

Of all the Milton Jones series, "Another Case of..." is probably my favourite. I found The House of Milton Jones to be too confined and contrived, the good witch idea in The Very World of Milton Jones to be just a little too irritating and the stories, which are just a series of flashbacks, to be too tenuous and disjointed. Another Case of Milton Jones, on the other hand, does at least have a coherent story for each episode to balance the constant flow of puns.

I've listened to Another Case of Milton Jones several times now, and I still find myself returning to it when I just want some honest, uncomplicated, good fun comedy.

Rating: * * * *