Fy Mlog Cymraeg (a pethau eraill)
A Welsh Learner's Journey
(among other things)

The musings, struggles and observations of an Englishman learning Welsh.

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I started learning Welsh in 2017 as a bit of a joke. I've always enjoyed learning languages and learning about language in general, but I'd never really considered learning Welsh because ... well, what's the point, right? No one speaks it (do they?) and I'm never going to use it. After all, everyone who speaks Welsh also speaks English.

I'm being facetious, of course, but there's a little truth there: everyone who speaks Welsh *does* also speak English, but is that really the point? It's OK to learn a language just for the sake of it; just to appreciate that language or culture a bit more. And Welsh is very different to other European languages I've studied. And I *enjoy* learning it. Does anything else matter?

The joke I speak of was that my partner's daughter started studying at university in Wales, and every time I saw her I'd ask "Have you started learning Welsh yet?". Of course the answer was always "no!" until one day the answer was "If you love Welsh so much, why don't you bloody learn it!!". And that got me thinking... "Why *don't* I learn it?"
So I did.

And this site is a bit of a journal of my learning experiences. I can't promise to keep it completely up to date, but I will post updates every so often. Hopefully another learner might find it useful, or at the very least a bit interesting.

So, if you're learning Welsh, interested in languages or just have something to say, contact me on Twitter.