Happy New Year!

A new year, a new start, and some New Year's Resolutions (Addunedau Blwydden Newydd) to think about.

Actually I have four. One is a carry-over from last year as I singularly failed to achieve it!

1. Cycle across the Severn Bridge. The first / original Pont Hafren allows pedestrian and cycle traffic in addition to motor vehicles. It's been my plan to cycle over it for about three years now but I've not yet found the time to do it.

2. Make more of an effort to improve my Welsh. I've done very little in the past twelve months to actually improve my Welsh, and in some respects my ability has gone backwards in that words I used to know don't spring to mind in the same way they used to.

3. Write a short story. Just to prove to myself that I can stick at a task like that long enough to finish it.

I think that's enough for now. Number 1 in particular is something I'm itching to do, if only to take photos of the Second Severn Crossing (I refuse to call it "The Prince of Wales Bridge") from the first.

As an extra bit, I also want to take some photos of the Newport transporter bridge all lit up at night, but that's not really a resolution.